About us

The revolution of electric vehicles is right around the corner. Electric vehicles are the future of all of us. Join the Ignitis ON electric mobility community which rapidly grows every day. We will help you charge your electric vehicle at home, office, supermarket or on the road.

The Ignitis ON platform and trade mark belonging to the Ignitis group is our strong commitment in the field of sustainable transport. Along with you, we are stepping into the future without fossil fuels, polluted air and excessive noise. We seek to make the cities of Lithuania more eco-friendly, clean and safe.

Ignitis ON takes care of their every customer and provides the highest-quality experience in customer service. We offer full electric vehicle mobility package, ranging from the infrastructure and installation of the charging equipment, to the provision of software and charging service roaming services.

Customers of municipalities, lots of companies, restaurants, car service centres, supermarkets, hotels and car showrooms already enjoy our services. Our biggest objective is proper, fast and high-quality customer service. We are proud of having well-known companies and many private persons among our customers.

Join us and create the future together. Because the future belongs to electric vehicles.