Setting the usage fee for charging services

In order to get revenue from the charging services, a usage fee is required for charging services. We offer profit to be gained for our customers from the charging services. This will require integration of your charging station into the Ignitis ON electric vehicle charging station management platform. After such integration, the charging station will be seen on one of the biggest electric vehicle driver databases. We will share the information about the new charging station with the biggest global and local platforms, as well as on social media (Plugshare, Google Maps, Plugsurfing).

Once you are connected to the Ignitis ON platform, you will be able to:

  • Set your desired usage fee for charging
  • Use the 24/7 customer support service
  • Observe the activity of your charging station in real time
  • Control the charging station remotely
  • Become a part of the biggest electric vehicle charging network

Service price

Customer support and primary troubleshooting 24/7 – €20/month per one station.

Commission fees of the charging service – 8% of the turnover.